Image hotspot – Map image annotation


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Dec 8, 2021
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Jan 26, 2022
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Image Hotspot – Map Image Annotation

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Image Hotspot lets you easily add custom tooltips to your images and add hotspots when highlighting them. Furthermore, you have the option of setting customized tooltip content, position, animation, and more.
Therefore, Image Hotspot has several options to customize. There are hundreds of icons with different colors and sizes and also you can customize these icons. Besides icons, there are lots of fonts with different colors.
Also, Image Map Hotspot supports any post, page, widgets, all latest Themes, and page builders. It also supports the latest version of WordPress. You will also get unlimited shortcodes with custom CSS.

Hotspot Image WordPress

However, If you want to make sure your website visitors receive something new, then you should use this plugin. Therefore, you can use image hotspots instead of image content sections to make your website image content section interactive.
After that, Image Map Hotspot will show your images, maps, and YouTube or Vimeo videos directly from your website without leaving the website.


The next step is to learn a few more features you can use the image hotspot to engage customers and boost your conversion rate on your website.
You have already seen the importance of using the plugin. So this time will explore some more use cases.
Hotspot Pointer Option
Most importantly, Image hotspot plugin Pointers are available in three styles – font-awesome icons, custom image or icon, and text.
The Annotation Plugin pointer offers 1600+ built-in font-awesome icons with options icon color, icon hovers color, icon size, and hover icon.
Firstly, It has three options: Custom Icon/Image, Custom Hover Icon/Image, and Custom Image/Icon size.
Hotspot Pointer Content Option
Secondly, Image Annotation’s there are (03) types of Pointer content, such as Tooltips, Embedded Codes, and Custom Codes.
The tooltip template in the image hotspot has four different built-in templates. An additional embedded code template is also included.
However, an Image map hotspot allows you to design your custom template by custom code.
Similarly, Among the options available in the Image Map are showing a tooltip when clicking on a title or mouseover, opening it in a pop-up window, adjusting font size and color, adding images etc.

Hotspot Content Customize Option

Finally, it offers a tooltip content link option by Link URL, which opens in a new tab.
Hotspot Pointer Link and Others Option
In the annotation plugin, you have the option of editing annotation points or marks, as well as deleting unnecessary annotation points or marks. Pointer/Marker options are draggable.

Custom CSS allowed for the design/customize the template.

Unlimited shortcodes along with 100% responsive for all types of mobile devices.

In other words, Image annotation plugin supports all the latest themes and page builders, any post, page, and widgets as well as the latest version of WordPress.
In addition, The image annotation is ideal for identifying spare parts images by adding images and tooltip descriptions.


Above all, what if you wanted to make your site look dynamic? The next step is to learn a few more usages you can use the image hotspot to engage customers on your website. So this time will explore some more usages.
However, The easiest way to accomplish that is to include interactive images and maps in your posts. The Image Map HotSpot plugin for WordPress makes this possible.
In addition, Making your visuals more interactive in the eyes of your customers is essential with image annotation. You can use the image map annotation to include information about each image, such as its
purpose, price, history, or whatever else you want to communicate to your clients.
By using a WordPress image map hotspot, you can add an overlay of hotspots to images and graphics – thus making them more interactive, engaging, and informative.

Hotspot image

The image hotspot plugin allows you to make infographics easily so that you can quickly engage your audience with your website or business at the very first glance.
In other words, if you use an image hotspot on your photography website, then you can provide your information on your WordPress website easily and creatively.
Moreover, Think you have showcased the beautiful places you have visited through your travels on your website. Each of the images you upload is meaningful because you have provided some information about the location.
Finally, You can easily draw your clients’ attention to each image, and they can recognize the facts you want to communicate through images.
Using the WordPress image map hotspot plugin, you can combine your images into a more interactive experience by displaying a popover when you click on them.
By dragging the mouse pointer, you can change the position of each hotspot. This plugin is responsive and lets you run multiple instances on the same page.
In conclusion,You can add tooltips and annotations to images on your WordPress website using an image map hotspot. By clicking on the icon or by hovering the mouse over your content, you can display your content.
You can easily create the desired look before you go live with the plugin’s easy to use working live preview directly in the backend.
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